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The Humboldt Lodging Alliance (HLA) is a 501c6 California nonprofit corporation and is the official owners' association for the Humboldt County lodging industry. Our goals are:

To serve as the management entity for the Humboldt County Tourism Business Improvement District. HLA receives the assessment funds and spends them to increase overnight stays in Humboldt County. Started on July 1, 2012, the district will continue for five years and then be up for renewal by the lodging industry.

To give the lodging industry a greater voice. When Hoteliers, innkeepers and property managers speak with a united voice, they get heard. Issues like signage, street cleaning, panhandling, permits, and the reinvestment of transient occupancy tax money into tourism promotion affect the entire industry.

Notice of Public Meeting

Humboldt Lodging Alliance
Executive Committee Meeting
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

12 PM - 2 PM

Because of the Covid- 19 Pandemic, meetings will be held via Zoom for information please email: